What I do

Personalized Coaching

Let's get personal.
As a personal health and fitness coach, I work with individuals to create diverse, balanced, results oriented training programs tailored to meet your specific goals. I am available for in-home, at the gym, and outdoor training.

Simply want to get in shape?
Together we will tone, sculpt, and strengthen, while also improving your agility and coordination. 

Want to make a lifestyle change?
Healthy habits lead to a healthier life! Let’s step outside the gym to focus on things like weight management, meal planning, stress reduction, and general wellness.

Need a mature fitness coach?
Although I work with clients of all ages, I am a certified mature fitness expert. From balance and fall prevention, to assisted stretching, to strength training, we will develop an age/ability appropriate health and fitness program that addresses your unique needs. 


Sometimes training with a few friends makes the workout even better!